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The Polish Spotlight: Polish My Life


Polish: Love is Calm    Nail Tech:ooohthatscutenailstudio

As many may know, the nail polish business is very competitive and cut throat. There are so many brands but very few stay relevant. During my usual Instagram scroll, I stumbled upon the indie and black-owned nail polish, Polish My Life. Founded in 2013 by Shaneka McDonald, the polish includes several unique polish names such as The Rockies (tasty warm hot cocoa crème), Ruby Red Shoes (Blood Red Crème), Peaceful Serene(Lilac Crème) and Peridot Princess( Lime/Yellow Green with a shimmer). I love vibrant and bold colors such as peach, purple and green. Seeing that it was my first time purchasing, I decided to keep it simple. I ended up purchasing Love is Calm, January Crème 2016.


My beautiful 30th Birthday nails!!! Thank you @ooohthatscutenailstudio and @polishmylife

Usually, I do gel polish but I wanted to do something different since it’s my 30th birthday. Being such a nail polish fiend, I loved this color. It’s a cute deep pink rose color that goes perfectly with my complexion and my nail designs. The best part of the nail polish is that it took one coat! The typical polish usually takes two coats or maybe even three to show perfectly on my nails. I was very impressed at how thick the polish is especially since I’ve tried so many polishes that looked watered down and because of that it took many nail polish layers and didn’t last long. So far, my polish has lasted over a week and I definitely am ready for my next polish which will be Birthday Suit, an ivory nude crème.

Happy Polishing ladies!!

September Birthstone: Sapphire   Polish: Sapphire Baubles            Photo Credit: Polish My Life

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