A few months ago, I stepped in to one of my favorite black owned spa’s called IWI Fresh and noticed these cool nail files with black women on them and these eye catching nail polishes. Of course! I had to buy one. With that being said, here’s a little peek into the world of Shop 23’s vegan nail polish.

Currently, based in Atlanta, the company focuses on the ability of being vegan free. Their spring/summer collection focuses on a bohemian vibe states founder Daija Reese. The current collection includes polishes such as Boho Chic and Safari. Read below to learn more.

 What is your background? Did you go to school? Just a spill about yourself

I am originally from Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania. I moved to GA when I was about 9 .
My first business was actually in 6th grade at the age 12 . I made lanyards and sold them to the kids in my school for 50 cents . No one in my school knew how to make them or even heard of them but I learned how to create lanyard when I was in Pittsburgh all the other girls did during recess. So, it was a shock that no one in my new school knew how .
I gave lessons for $1.00 and sold the key chains for 50 cents lol.
I attended college on and off for years. I recently decided to go back and finish . I plan on getting a degree in Business Marketing . Through the years I never felt like school was for me but after self discovery and learning who I am and what I love . I realize entrepreneurship is for me and having an degree will only enhance my business.

Do you plan on adding additional colors in the future?
Yes, our next line will have between 5-10 additional colors ,new bottle, as well as new logo.

Why did you chose a chemical free/vegan polish?
Shop23 is free of the 5 major harmful chemicals. Those ingredients are extremely harmful for your health. I want my business to reflect my lifestyle by trying to stay as natural and chemical free as possible.

 What about nail polish that made you want to decide to create your own line?
I am an artist . I like to draw and paint . My favorite thing about painting is creating colors. I love creating different variations of shades. With the love of colors came my love of nail polish . I was disappointed going to nail salons and seeing the same old colors. The standard reds, pinks and blues. I wanted more options. So I decided to make my own .

If you had to chose another career, what would you be?
A teacher for sure , I may still do that . I don’t see why not. I don’t see why you have to just chose one career or do just that.

What struggles have you ran into as a small business owner? African-American female business owner?
I haven’t encounter any struggles as an African American women business owner and if I did I probably didn’t focus on it . There to many people that are willing to give me a chance to focus on those who aren’t.

The only struggle for me is not having any guidance and learning / teaching myself everything . There a few business owner in my area that I asked for advice ( Mrs.Lynn from Hodge Podge Cafe and Mrs.Monica from Atlanta House of Henna) and they were more than happy to give me a chance and advisement .


 Future plans? Store front? Add additional accessories?
My future plan is to add more elements I don’t want to be just a business , I want to help out as well . I like to give back and create fund raiser or markets for other small business owner to sell their ideas . There will be more of random pop up shop I like to incorporate than transition into a store front / nail salon.  I have so many ideas for 2017.

Top 5 favorite nail polishes?
My favorite nail polish is from our 2016 line called “Fashion Week”. Fashion week was featured in New York  Fall Fashion Week 2015 . It is also my favorite color and this polish symbolize for me that if you put your mind to it anything can happen . That moment inspired my Dream Big slogan you will find on the new bottles.

What separates your polishes from other brands and or businesses?
I’m not here to just sell you nail polish . Shop23 is here to make a difference and provide alternative solutions to traditional nail polish. While hopefully installing our values of healthy lifestyle .



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