On Saturday January 21st, I had an opportunity to attend PR Guru Erica Dias of The B Firm PR, Erica’s Table of 20. Unlike other networking and business opportunities, this was more of an “intimate and chic” dining experience. This young woman of power who services to all things entertainment, sports and beauty, invites who’s who of Atlanta to inspire attendees. Held in Neiman Marcus, the swanky brunch invited entrepreneur Tonya Hill of iCureCredit, Chief Marketing Officer Melissa Proctor of the Atlantaimg_2210 Hawks and actor, singer and dancer Shamea Morton to speak. Man! When I say, this has to be the best luncheon I’ve been to and such a positive group of men and women to be around, its genuine. From the décor to the speakers it was such a fabulous event. I was very amazed as to how much work Erica put in to setting the scenery. I really wasn’t expecting for her to go above and beyond for such a small group. But it goes to show you that she is passionate about what she does and takes pride in appearance.

The overall theme of the luncheon was make it happen and be humble! Shamea Morton said it best when she spoke about her ventures from singing to acting and now dancing/cheering for both the Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Force. She stated that you need to find your passion and to make it your career and along the way when you attend networking events or even when going out, don’t look down on people but look at it like making a connection. Those simple words resonated with the entire room. What I got from what was said is, treat every meeting as a meaningful interaction than business. Anyone can say here’s my business card or I do this and I know how to do that but can you really make a meaningful connection to where you can talk about each other’s families and likes or dislikes. Those are the connections that can get you that possible dream job and or that promotion that you may seek in the future.


Next, was Toya Hill who works as both a mother and entrepreneur. What I loved about her was her spirit and fearlessness. While she spoke, you can see that she had the entrepreneurship spirt in her since she was a teen. From selling gold jewelry to her owning her own business shows you that once you find out what is it that you love and you focus on it, then it can happen. It was amazing to hear how she had great paying jobs at such a young age but still felt unfilled. She told a story about how she purposely would go to work late but still out shined her co-workers even though they continuously complained about her tardiness. Eventually, she found her passion and you can tell she enjoys it because of how she not only speaks about her career and family but how she conveys it through her demeanor.

As CMO for the Atlanta Hawks and a very happy 305(Florida) native, Melissa Proctor took her love of basketball which as a child she never played and made it into a slam dunk career. Having her talk about how she mopped up sweat and handed out Gatorade’s to the basketball players showed her determination and perseverance to have a career in basketball. Like most adults in college, she didn’t know what she wanted to do career wise but by trade she was an artist and very creative. But who would’ve thought she was too creative to be a teacher and to work for her beloved Miami Heat. It was breath taking to hear how she struggled to find her way and to finally let her creative side land her a job with Turner Broadcasting’s T3 Trainee Program. To standout from other applicants, Melissa made a magazine about herself and then from there the rest was history. However, she made sure to point out that asking questions and doing events and meeting new people can help you more than you know. “Nothing beats a try but a failure,” she exclaimed as she spoke about how her connections and her work ethic landed her simg_2213everal positions within the Hawks franchise. Even though we are in a city where it is about who you know, Melissa message made sense. Because who’s to say that chance meeting with Arthur Blank could possibly turn into something more. Which is why whatever you do in life from mopping up sweat to cleaning the bleachers, someone is always watching and taking notes.

As Erica’s 21st Table of 20 winded down, I can see and feel the positive energy in the room. It was great to see how everyone started to interact and make genuine connections. Thank you, Erica, for creating such a beautiful event and making it intimate as well. This dining experience is something I hope more Atlantans attend because it not just a networking luncheon but helps you rediscover your purpose and what you want out of life.

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