As you can see, I love lipstick! My main issue was trying to find the perfect red. Ladies! Be honest it’s hard to find the perfect red that won’t make you look like Homey the Clown from In Livin’ Color. But I think I found the Mecca of all lipsticks. Yes! you read right, the MECCA. This holiday season Atlanta makeup artist and owner of The Glamatory,   Mimi Johnson (CAU Alumna–whoop! whoop!) partnered with fashion designer and business owner Angela Simmons to create Angela Simmons Lip A.R.T.

During the pre-order period, I purchased SLAYbells which is my perfect red and Holidaze, which is more of a soft copper color. Since I was looking for the perfect red, I decided to try SLAYbells first. It was like love at first sight. Check out my review on SLAYbells below.


SLAYbells along with Holidaze, Point Settia, and Bows & Baes can be purchased @


Angela’s Lip A.R.T.

Shade: Slaybells

Price Tag(current): 10.00( sold separate or as a gift set)

Application: As long as your lips are moisturized the lipstick will go on smooth and flawlessly.

Pigment: A bold red that after a few hours of wear that becomes a soft red. Personally, I only needed to apply the lipstick once. Its hard to find a lipstick that after it dries and after hours of wear still looks decent.I really like that Slaybells still looked presentable after a few hours. It wasn’t as bold as it was when first applied but I could still see the lip color and I still looked cute!

Con: My only con was just my issue of being scared to try a red lipstick.

Worth My Money?  Ummm yeah! Did I mention Mimi J is a fellow panther and I love Angela Simmons. Seriously, I do! But Slaybells is the perfect buy if you’re looking for the perfect red lip. Not just a holiday look but year-round as well.


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