When people think of a mobile business, they don’t always think about cookies, doughnuts, and cupcakes. Well, think again—because the Two Dough Girls have changed the game by being mobile AND scrumptious. As stated on their website, Two Dough Girls doesn’t believe in if it’s better for you, it doesn’t taste good; if its vegan, there’s going to be an odd texture. From their Outkast inspired Spoattie Oatties to their Black Love doughnuts, Traci and Kelley never use harmful dyes, bleached flour, or GMO ingredients. “Our parents were pre-diabetic .  Also, e want to do things with integrity,” says Kelley.

Sweet Brown: Photo taken from: www.twodoughgirls.com

As the sisterpreneurs celebrate their upcoming one-year anniversary, they reminisce about the origin of their company name. “At first it was Sisters Sweet but it didn’t have that ring to it and we kept brainstorming about it. We combined our love of sweets and of course the Outkast song  “Two Dope Boyz.” We’re big Outkast fans!” laughs Kelley. Who isn’t an Outkast fan? Clearly, the musical duos’ funkadelic vibe and love for others has rubbed off on Kelley and Traci who show their love by creating healthy treats. Beyond creating healthier options for pastries, which typically have a reputation for being harmful to the body, the bakers focus on their connections with their customers.

As previously mentioned, Two Dough Girls is mobile and the sister’s love not being confined to one area. They’re able to pop up at different locations to attract a wide array of clientele. From the busy full-time college student to the stay-at-home mom, Two Dough Girls spreads love to everyone. They even deliver locally.

Vegan ChocoNut Photo taken from: www.twodoughgirls.com

As with many businesses today, social media has contributed to the continued success of Two Dough Girls. Traci and Kelley credit Instagram for a great deal of their success. Kelley states that most people are into social media and even if they are not out and about, they are usually checking their phones 24/7. So they feel that their social media marketing strategy was well-timed. “We went at it hard at the beginning. Marketing is a totally different end of the business.”  Kelly gives kudos to her sister Traci in this regard.

As usually happens when siblings work together, they have occasional arguments and disagreements. But for the most part, the sisterpreneurs love working together and believe that they balance each other out. It was great having the opportunity to sit with them both one-on-one. As I told them during the interview, I am not a fan of oatmeal, but after tasting their Spoattie Oatties, I definitely became a Two Dough Girl fan. Check out their website to read more at wwww.twodoughgirls.com

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