After a chance meeting while Henry was DJing at a local party at the University of Georgia, who would’ve thought he would find both the love of his life and his future business partner? After asking Kascha to dance, the rest was history. “I kind of stalked” him, she joked as Henry gushed over his wife as they laughed back and forth about how they met. Henry who grew up in southwest Atlanta and Kascha (originally from Augusta, Georgia) are now the owners of the cute and quaint pink cupcake shop Kupcakerie located in downtown East Point, Georgia, on the corner of Main Street and right across from East Point train station. At first, their business was available only online, but three months ago that the couple decided to open a storefront.

While sitting down with Kascha Adeleye while her husband Henry completed the many deliveries they had, it was very refreshing to see a new black-owned business take the neighborhood by storm. Many people might wonder: Where did the name come from? Who spells cupcakes with a “K”? It’s a funny story,” exclaims Kascha, laughing. “It happened by accident because the domain names we tried were taken.” It just so happened the couple tried K and—boom!—Kupcakerie was born. At that point, the business was still only online; they shipped throughout the country and made local deliveries.

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Henry & Kascha working hard at Kupcakerie     Photo: Wendell Weithers


After being online for two years, it was Henry who believed it was time to open a storefront. This being the couple’s first business venture, Kascha was a little reluctant until she finally got Henry’s vision. “I didn’t see it,” she says, recalling when she first looked at the store space, which was previously a salon. “But once Henry said, ‘We’ll have the tables here and have flowers there,’ I saw it. We wanted to keep it simple and Henry envisioned it, and we took a leap of faith.”

With that leap of faith came a huge blessing this past July from Ms. La Detra White, who shocked Kascha with a donation, with friends and family in tow as she filmed the emotional event. The video has since been viewed over 150,000 times and has helped triple the couple’s business, Kascha says.


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Cupcakes & Canvases with Darlene Deloris on August 20th

“She came in when the landlord was here, and you know you try to be professional, and when she came and gave me the check I was shocked! It was such a blessing,” Kusha recalls happily. As traffic picks up, so will the community. According to Henry, the area will soon receive a makeover, which means more business for their shop. He notes that there will be additional housing in the area, along with a grocery store. “We saw the potential,” he says as he talked about why the couple chose downtown East Point. “Since they’re building luxury apartments in the area we could add a walk-up window and start adding different things to the menu, such as sandwiches and doing events,” he continues.


As for what the couple has experienced so far, they say some of the few challenges included getting permits. But Mayor Jannquell Peters, as well as the City Council were surprisingly helpful in opening doors. “The mayor has come by and the city council has had meetings here since we opened, says Kascha. It’s amazing how helpful and really involved they are.” Having the Mayor come in every now and then may seem as if it’s been all glitz and glamour, but it wasn’t always like that after the doors opened. “Trying to figure out a game plan was also hard,” says Henry. “I was here sometimes from 6 am until midnight, simply because we wanted to get the word out and to also appeal to various crowds.” As the business continues to grow the with the couple envisions expanding to renting out an area of the shop as well as holding events such as “Cupcakes and Canvas” that’s taught by local artist Darlene Deloris where customers sip, paint and eat cupcakes.


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It’s the small things that count. You will always get a sweet message when leaving Kupcakerie


There is a sparkle in Kascha eyes when she talks about why she loves to bake. “I have a love for creating something new,” she says. “It’s amazing how one-quarter of something can change what you make,” as Kascha continues to explain how adding a simple ingredient can change the taste of any baked dish.

Kupcakerie is located at 2781 Main Street East Point, GA 30344

Monday-Friday 10am-7pm  &  Saturday 9am-7pm


Facebook: @Kupcakerie

Instagram: @Kupcakerie

Instagram: @Cupcakesncanvases

Instagram: @Darlenedeloris